Russia threatens Sweden with “military-technological” measures if it joins NATO – Observer

On Monday, Russia threatened Sweden with “techno-military” measures, and last week, like Finland, the Swedish government announced that the Scandinavian country would join NATO.

“Russia is forced to take technological, military and other response measures to counter threats to its national security.”That was quoted in a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Moscow underscored the choice of the best route Ensure national security Is an internal question of each country, the guarantee of which will depend “on a large scale” on the specific conditions of Sweden’s integration into the Atlantic Alliance.

In which he further stated, “Opportunities to deploy assault weapons through this military camp in Swedish territory”.

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The report, however, accuses Stockholm of provoking the Atlantic alliance.Significant damage to the security of Northern Europe and the European continentOn your whole “.

Russia recalls that Swedish foreign policy has been based on neutrality for “more than 200 years,” which for decades was “an important factor in maintaining stability and confidence in the Baltic Sea region.”

“Being a member of NATO does not increase Sweden’s level of security, even if it is due The country is not threatened by anyoneBut this will undoubtedly lead to a loss of sovereignty in foreign policy decision making, ”he added.

Multimedia reporting in Andrivka. Radiograph of a village under Russian occupation for 30 days

This Monday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said that Sweden’s entry into the Atlantic Alliance would strengthen Euro-Atlantic security and the security of the Nordic country, after Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson announced her candidacy for an intergovernmental military arrangement.

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“Important phone call with Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson. I welcome the decision of your government to become a member of NATO. Sweden is one of our closest partners, and the membership will strengthen the Euro-Atlantic region and Sweden’s security at a critical time.

Magdalena Anderson announced today that she is applying to join NATO due to the new security environment created Russian military intervention in UkraineWill put an end to two centuries of non-aligned foreign policy.

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