Russia threatens countermeasures over Japanese exercises with NATO countries – Current Affairs

In a statement, Russian diplomacy warned the Japanese side of the unacceptability of “provocative military actions” near Russian borders in the Far East with non-NATO members of the region.

“We consider these actions a potential threat to the security of the Russian Federation,” the Foreign Ministry statement read.

Moscow has warned Tokyo of “appropriate countermeasures” aimed at strengthening Russian defense capabilities and protecting its sovereignty.

Japan’s defense ministry announced on Tuesday that the country’s air force will conduct joint maneuvers with Spain, France and Germany next July as part of the European defense initiative ‘Pacific Skies’.

The exercises will take place from July 19 to 25 and are “aimed at deepening close cooperation with these countries in achieving a free and open Indo-Pacific,” Japanese Defense Minister Minoru Kihara stressed at a press conference.

As part of this initiative and for almost two months, 28 fighter jets and 16 large tanker and transport aircraft, all developed by the European Department of Defence, will fly around 58,000 kilometers from Alaska to India in the Indo-Pacific region.

The maneuvers with the participation of French forces will take place in Ibaraki (north of Tokyo), while exercises with Germany and Spain will take place around the Chitose base on the island of Hokkaido (north of Japan), the Japanese ministry explained. Security.

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