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In the Kaliningrad region, located between Lithuania and Poland (near the Baltic Sea), the Kremlin carried out some. Simulated firing of nuclear-capable missiles.

This information was provided by the Russian Ministry of Defense, and Quoted by German station Deutsche Welle.

In these simulated exercises, more than 100 components of the Russian forces will be involved, which will direct this missile test exercise. Some special combat units are also trained Field activities in “Chemical pollution and radiation environment”.

Despite insisting on the guarantee that they do not want to start a nuclear war, the Kremlin and the regime led by Vladimir Putin (in the face of Russia’s nuclear capability and weapons) feed fears of a catastrophic situation. Unheard of in the world.

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About three weeks ago, the Kremlin threatened to “strengthen its security” in the Baltic region (located in Kaliningrad, between the borders of Lithuania and Poland). If Finland and Sweden decide to join NATO, Knows what will happen. Moscow has promised to send nuclear weapons for security reasons. He later wrote for The Guardian, a British newspaper.

Russia threatens Finland and Sweden again: “They will be a source of conflict between NATO and Russia”

The reaction came through Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvidas Anusaskas, who said Russia already has nuclear weapons in the Kaliningrad’s exclamation (part of a country on the geographical border of another region).

There are vehicles carrying nuclear weapons, equipment and warehouses. The international community and the countries in the region are well aware of this, ”said the Lithuanian minister at the time.

At the time, The Guardian wrote that this claim by the Lithuanian ruler was not confirmed by an independent source, but a report from the Federation of American Scientists in 2018 pointed to a conclusion from satellite image data: At the time the Kremlin region was one “Active, or Functional, Nuclear Weapons Storage Post” Called Kolosovka.

Sweden and Finland want a speedy approval process if they join NATO

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