Russia calls for UN meeting over attacks on Houthis

On the Telegram messaging platform, Russia's Permanent Mission to the United Nations said this morning that it has “requested an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on January 12 (today) regarding the US and UK attacks in Yemen.”.

The Security Council on Wednesday approved a resolution calling for an immediate halt to Houthi attacks and implicitly condemned Iran, the rebels' main arms supplier.

The resolution, submitted by the United States and Japan, was passed by Russia, China, Algeria and Mozambique with 11 votes in favor and none against, with four abstentions.

Immediately before the vote, the council overwhelmingly rejected three proposed Russian amendments, one of which would have added language to underscore that “the escalation of Gaza is the main cause of the current situation in the Red Sea.”

Russia's ambassador to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia, said he believes the real purpose of the resolution was to get a green light from the Security Council to legitimize future actions by the coalition formed by the United States and its allies.


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