Russell Westbrook part ways with an old agent, which indicates that they disagree over the Lakers’ future

speculate a lot Russell Westbrook He will find a new team after a disastrous first season with Los Angeles Lakers. Now, he finds a new agent.

Lakers point guard and longtime agent Thad Faucher of Wasserman parted amid a contentious feud, Foucher By ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski on Friday.

Foucher has represented Westbrook since the beginning of his NBA career, beginning with his fourth overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft and through his stint as MVP winner for the Houston Rockets, Washington Wizards, and Lakers. To date, he has earned $288 million in NBA salaries, in spotrak.

Where the difference between Westbrook and Foucher seems to be is what they thought was the best for Westbrook this season. In a lengthy statement to ESPN, Foucher said another deal would be detrimental to Westbrook’s value and his best option would be to stay with the Lakers, which appears to indicate Westbrook’s desire to move out of Los Angeles.

Foucher described the situation as “irreconcilable differences”.

Lakers likely to disagree with Futcher, despite new coach Darvin Hamm Public Insistence That He Can Fix Al Qaeda. The team has He was recently following Westbrook-Kyrie Irving’s businessHowever, this step was not achieved as the teams differed over compensation. Foucher points out that the onus is on the Lakers to add value to get a team that takes Westbrook’s $47 million contract this off-season.

Here is the statement, via ESPN.

The full statement of former agent Russell Westbrook

“I have represented Russell Westbrook for 14 years and am proud of our partnership which has included a highly successful 2008 draft, Super Max contract and the only maximum renegotiation and extension contract in history. I have also supported Russell throughout his rise to personality in the fashion industry and recently orchestrated three consecutive deals on behalf of Russell – culminating with a trade to his hometown of the Los Angeles Lakers.

“Every time, teams give up valuable players and assets to get Russell – and every time, a new organization has embraced his arrival. We’ve done it alongside style and attributes.

Now, with the potential for a fourth deal in four years, the market is telling the Lakers they must add additional value with Russell in any trading scenario. Until then, such a trade would require Russell to immediately move on from the new team via an acquisition.

“I believe that this kind of transaction only devalues ​​Russell and that his best option is to stay with the Lakers, publicly embrace the starting role and support that Darvin Hamm provided. Russell is a Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame inductee. And he will prove that again before his retirement.

“Unfortunately there are irreconcilable disagreements about the best way forward and we are no longer working together. I wish Russell and his family well.”

Such an outspoken statement of opinion about a former player is rare, and is an indication of just how poorly Westbrook’s place in the NBA is at the moment. He’s seen his stats deteriorate across the board while playing alongside LeBron James, and it now appears that no teams are interested in him on his current salary.

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Russell Westbrook likes to tweet Lakers agent’s call for a false statement

Not long after Foucher’s statement was released, Westbrook was seen admiring a tweet that read, “It has absolutely nothing to do with the Lakers’ position. This [cap]. “

So Westbrook may have some ideas about how his agent will handle their divorce.

Screenshot of Russell Westbrook’s Twitter likes, with the tweet displaying “Absolutely nothing to do with the Lakers’ position. This [cap].” (Twitter)

Dan Wiki of the Los Angeles Times also reported that Westbrook never asked for a deal from the Lakers.

Meanwhile, Rich Paul, representing James and Anthony Davis and He allegedly wanted to trade Westbrook in the middle of last seasonHe had some thoughts while watching from afar, thoughts to which James agreed.

No week is safe for Lakers news.

LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 3: Los Angeles Lakers #0 Russell Westbrook vs. the Los Angeles Clippers in the first half of an NBA basketball game at Arena in Los Angeles on Thursday, March 3, 2022. Keith Birmingham/Media​ ​News Group/Pasadena Star News via Getty Images)

Russell Westbrook is looking for a new agent, and most likely a new team. (Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star News via Getty Images)

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