Roman Abramovich, a Portuguese citizen, was one of seven Russian oligarchs now allowed by the United Kingdom – the Observer

Seven Russian oligarchs are on the British government’s new embargo target list. Roman Abramovich, who was convicted of links to Russian President Vladimir Putin, is the owner of the English football club Chelsea and has been a Portuguese citizen since April 2021. Reuters.

The key is to freeze all of the principals’ assets that prevent the sale of Abramovich’s game system. Chelsea are still banned from selling sports tickets and trading players

Roman Abramovich is in Belarus to assist in the Ukraine-Russia talks

According to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, “there can be no safe haven for those who supported Putin’s violent attack on Ukraine.” “Today’s sanctions are the latest step in Britain’s unwavering support for the Ukrainian people.” “We will continue to pursue those who allow the killing of civilians, the destruction of hospitals and the illegal occupation of sovereign allies.”

The English deputy guarantees that Roman Abramovich was involved in the corruption of the Russian state. He demands that Chelsea and the mansion be taken away from him

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Culture Minister Nadine Doris said Chelsea can still play in matches and pay staffBut he acknowledged that the sanctions “have a direct impact on Chelsea and the fans.”

“We are working hard to ensure that clubs and national sports are not unnecessarily affected by these important obstacles. To ensure the club continues to compete and operate, we grant a special license that allows players to play games, pay staff, and ticket holders to watch the games, most importantly, Abramovich does not benefit from club rights. Announced On the social networking site Twitter.

At the beginning of the conflict, the Russian billionaire was in Belarus, aiding the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia at the request of the government of Volodymyr Zhelensky, according to the Jerusalem Post.

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Not long ago, the president – who had been criticized in London for being close to Russian President Vladimir Putin since the start of the Ukrainian invasion – handed over the “management” and “care” of the Chelsea football club to the trustees. Foundation Club Charity. At the time, The sales process also began The game system is now blocked due to the freezing of all oligarchy assets by the UK.

From peace talks to sales talks: Abramovich leaves Chelsea and profits go to victims of Ukraine war

In April 2021, Abramovich received Portuguese citizenship through legislation that would benefit the descendants of Separatic Jews expelled from the country at the end of the 15th century, and he had close ties to the Jewish communities in Ukraine and Russia.

The list includes Igor Chechin, CEO of the Russian oil group Rosneft, Oleg Deribaska, who holds stakes in the N + group, Dmitry Lepadev, chairman of Banco Rosia, Alexei Miller, CEO of the energy company Gasprom, and Nikolai Tokrev, Russian state – owned chairman.

The trial of Roman Abramovich will be completed in February

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