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The president of VOX, Santiago Abascal, together with the European family of European Reformers and Conservatives (ECR), organized an event that brought together the main faces of the world’s far right. This Sunday, SEGA’s president, André Ventura, will also speak, along with former French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, former Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki, and a guest of honor of sorts: Argentina’s head of state, Javier Mili.

The Argentine President was in Spain for several days and met with Santiago Abascal and some Spanish investors to convince them to invest in the country, including large companies. A meeting with King Felipe VI and Pedro Sánchez, head of the Spanish government, which maintains tense relations with Javier Millay, was off the agenda. Less than a month before the European elections, the event is used to remember the main points of the far-right parties’ campaign: borders, farmers’ rights and the sovereignty of European countries.

It was the head of the Spanish government who took the opportunity to criticize the eventdubbing”International Extreme Right”. Pedro Sánchez said members of those parties chose Spain because it represented “everything they hate and despise as a society,” such as “feminism, social justice, worker dignity, a strong welfare state and democracy.”

At another political extreme, criticism was also leveled against the policies of the Left. At your book launch The path of the libertarian On Friday, Javier Mili characterized socialism as an “intellectual fraud and a horror in human terms.” “We must not let the dark, black, satanic, cruel, horrible, cancerous side defeat us,” he said.

During his days in Madrid, he met Argentina’s President Santiago Abascal more than once, whom he called “a friend” and “a great man”: “I have to be grateful. When nobody liked me, Santiago Abascal was the only one who hugged me.” So, in the event Participation is a moral imperative”, highlighted Javier Mili.

“Europa Viva” began on Friday and was organized in part by a European group of conservatives and reformers, including VOX, PiS (Polish Law and Justice Party) and Italy’s Brothers (of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni). The event also featured field trips and round tables; One of the themes discussed in one of them, at the Prado Museum, was “Rich European Heritage”.

But this Sunday, this time at the Palacio Vistalegre, the far-right leaders will all be speaking. Members of the European ECR family, such as Santiago Abascal, Mateusz Morawiecki and Giorgia Meloni, will not only attend, they will speak via video conference, but also the faces of the parties that make up the identity and democratic political family (ID) such as Marine Le Pen or André Ventura. Viktor Orban from Fidesz, expelled from the European People’s Party from 2021, will also speak remotely.

Your personal X account (formerly Twitter), Andre Ventura posted a video at 6:44 p.m. announcing that he was already in Madrid and confirming his presence “in a meeting with the entire world right.” The ideal? “Fighting Socialism and Globalism.”

Outside of the European context, Javier Miley, José Antonio Cast, former Chilean President and Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs and Anti-Semitism Amichai Sigli belong to Likud, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party.

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