Putin’s bodyguards pick up president’s shit during foreign trips – war in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin’s bodyguards collect Russian President’s excrement on foreign trips and bring it back to Russia.

According to a report quoted by a French magazine Paris competitionBodyguards take waste to Russia to prevent someone from stealing it and using it to obtain information about your health.

“A bodyguard must put Putin’s waste in the bags provided for this purpose, so there are no traces and he must bring it into the country in a special suitcase,” the report said.

Rumors have been circulating recently that Putin’s health is deteriorating and that the Russian president is suffering from cancer. Lavrov denied the disease and stressed that the way the leader presented himself did not condemn any kind of disease. “They can watch it on screen, read it and listen to speeches.” The Minister condemns those who say so. “I say goodbye This applies to those who spread such rumors, “said Lavrov.

As stated in it BBC News, British intelligence sources quoted the media as saying that Putin was facing health problems, mostly cancer. However, these kinds of rumors about the personal life of a Russian politician are nothing new and have been spread many times over the years.

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