Putin threatens to provide long-range weapons for attacks on Western targets

Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened this Wednesday to send long-range weapons within reach of the West in response to Ukraine’s supply of high-precision weapons to carry out attacks against targets along the Russian border.

In an interview with several international news agencies on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Kremlin leader said Russia was considering deploying its long-range precision weapons to areas where they could be used to target “sensitive infrastructure.” Countries transferring weapons to Kiev.

Putin insisted that Ukrainian soldiers lacked the technical ability to use long-range Western weapons, so experts from NATO countries had to enter flight instructions with the help of information from North American satellites.

“Our response may be asymmetric. We are thinking about it,” the Russian leader said, noting that the weapons transfer to an unspecified third party could be used to target the respective target countries’ installations in other parts of the world. .

If someone “considers it possible to supply weapons” to attack Russian soil, “this would mean their direct involvement in the war against the Russian Federation,” Putin continued, adding: “We have the right to act appropriately.”

He also hinted that Moscow’s forces would strengthen their anti-missile defense system to neutralize enemy attacks.

The Russian president defended the new supplies to Ukraine from its Western partners as “totally destroying international relations and undermining global security”.

Last week, NATO members accused Moscow of opening a new phase of tension by authorizing an attack on Russian territory by Kiev, similar to the latest Russian offensive from the region, northeast Ukraine.

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Germany recently joined the US in an attempt to attack some targets on Russian soil with long-range weapons in Ukraine, and the subsequent delivery of German tanks to Kiev shocked many in Russia. The Kremlin.

“If now [as forças ucranianas] “Use missiles to attack installations on Russian territory, which will completely destroy Russian-German relations,” he declared.

Putin, answering questions from international journalists for the first time since taking office last month for a fifth term, predicted that nothing would change in relations between Russia and the United States regardless of whether Democrat or Republican Joe Biden wins the November presidential election. Donald Trump.

“We will work with any president elected by the American people,” Putin said, adding on the same subject: “I say with all my heart that we do not believe that anything will change in the Russian approach to American politics after the election. We do not think so, we think that nothing so serious will happen.

Asked about Russian military casualties, Putin said no country would release that information, but without giving details, said Ukraine’s casualties were five times more than Russia’s.

The Kremlin leader further pointed out that more than 1,300 Russian soldiers are held captive in Ukraine, while more than 6,400 Ukrainians are detained in Russia.

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