Putin should put under house arrest two secret service agents who were supposed to have hired Zhelensky’s killers – Observer

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine has given the Kremlin some unexpected twists and turns. Contains one of them Attempted assassination The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zhelensky, never did that. Vladimir Putin is angry over some defeats Two Russian Secret Service (FSB) agents were recently placed under house arrest – Former KPGP – Sergei Beseda and his aide Anatoly Pollyuk.

According to Courier Della Serra, the two agents were intended to provide information on the internal situation in Ukraine – Andrei Soldatov, an expert on military affairs. On the contrary, Gave false information And they would have stolen the money that was there to recruit agents and organize sabotage operations.

That was when the invasion began on February 24th Vladimir Putin may have realized that he had been misinformed by two agents. The Russian president hoped that his mission would be accomplished in a few days: Ukraine would be captured in a few days and Kiev’s armed forces would not be able to react to the attack. But it did not happen – the truth turned out differently.

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The two agents also aimed to appoint a special team to assassinate the Ukrainian president who sought out Chechen guerrillas. However, these had already been identified and removed by Ukrainian intelligence, thus failing the assassination.

Both of these factors led Putin to oust Sergei Beseda and Anatoly Poliuk, but the story will not be so simple. According to some Russian intelligence sources, the courier was able to reach Della Serra, Both agents will be looking for some FSB colleagues to hire the Chechen team.This could indicate a possible ambush for the Russian president to get rid of the two agents, mainly Sergei Beseda, who was appointed one of the key heirs to the leadership of the Russian secret services.

Another version is that if both agents had simply failed the task they were supposed to do, they would not be confident in the invasion or they would not support it.

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