Putin met Prigogine five days after the Wagner group mutiny

The Kremlin report reveals that Prigozhin traveled to Russia when he already had an agreement to stay in Belarus. Dmitry Peskov explained to one Group of Journalists Yevgeny Prigozhin assured Vladimir Putin that the troops would always be loyal to the Russian president.

“The generals presented their version of what happened. They emphasized that they are great supporters of the head of state and explained that they are ready to continue fighting for their country”, explained Peskov.

Despite acknowledging the meeting between Putin and Prigozhin, Peskov did not talk about the whereabouts of the head of the Wagner group. Dmitry Peskov noted that after the Belarusian president assured Prigozhin that he was in St. Petersburg, an agreement remained for the head of the Wagner group to visit Belarus.

The meeting with Putin shows that Prigozhin still has some power inside Russia after he brought the country into civil war, an approach that raises questions, particularly about Vladimir Putin’s treatment of dissidents in the country in general.

Despite ordering many of the mercenaries to sign contracts with the Russian Defense Ministry, there are members of Wagner’s group on the front lines in Ukraine. The Kremlin has now launched a campaign to discredit Prigozhin, who according to some polls still has some measure of popularity in Russia.

Last week, a Kremlin-controlled television channel showed footage of police raiding Prigozhin’s St. Petersburg mansion. It also blocked several sites owned by the head of the Wagner Group.

Despite the commitment at home, the Kremlin maintains the Wagner group’s operations outside Russia, particularly in Africa.

Gerasimov appeared in public again

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Months after being one of the main targets of Yevgeny Prigozhin’s wrath, Valery Gerasimov reappeared in public to order his subordinates to attack strategic points in Ukraine.

Despite Prigozhin’s demands for Gerasimov to leave, the Chief of the General Staff continues to hold the post.

According to the images, Putin was not trusted by Prigozhin and kept Gerasimov and Sergei Shoigu in their respective positions.

However, the whereabouts of the former head of Russian strategy in Ukraine, Sergei Churovikhin, remain a mystery.Several media reports suggest that he was interrogated at an undisclosed location, not forgetting his connections with Prigogine.

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