Prince Charles accepts billionaire donation from Bin Laden family

Prince Charles reportedly received a donation of around 1.2 million euros from the bin Laden family, The Times reported.

Donations accepted by the heir to the British throne will be deposited into the Prince Charles Foundation. Several advisers, according to the same newspaper, have asked Queen Elizabeth II’s son not to accept the money offered by Saudi patriarch Bakr bin Laden.

Saudi family members; Note that they disowned Osama bin Laden; No crime is suspected, but the donation accepted by the prince brought more attention to the controversy over Carlos’s foundation, which has been under investigation since February.

The investigation aims to determine whether donations to the Prince Carlos Foundation were ‘cash’ for honorary degrees and whether the money helped support a Saudi businessman’s application for citizenship.

According to the Sunday Times, the deal to donate 1.2 million euros by the half-brother of the Saudi family patriarch, Osama, and his brother Shafiq, began at a meeting in London in 2013.

The Bin Laden Group, founded in 1931 by Osama’s father, Saudi Arabia’s largest construction empire, has built a fortune over decades from its close ties to the royal family.

However, the Associated Press reports that the Lawton family’s companies are heavily in debt.

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