Police arrested a woman who went to supermarket fast cashiers and did not register all the items since April

A 34-year-old woman has been stealing items from the supermarket since April, always using the same technique: she buys a few items at a time, always going to the express cashiers where the customer registers and “forgetting” to register all the products. She used this scheme so much that she got caught, after security guards became suspicious of the client. A check of surveillance cameras revealed that the same woman had been doing this since April and had stolen items worth more than a thousand euros in total.

Tedjo, 34, had been using the scam since April

Tedjo, 34, had been using the scam since April

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Tedjo, 34, had been using the scam since April

34-year-old Tedjo Marie Flaim was arrested by the Michigan State Police, already at home, and after consulting the records of video surveillance cameras at the Walmart supermarket in Abena County, USA. But this happened because when I was shopping, this Friday, October 21, one of the same security team that controls the self-payment zone suspected that he had not registered all the products. It is verified and many articles are not registered. The woman was confronted, denied the theft, protested and shouted, but had to pay for the missing items., reveals television network FOX. But this attitude, since the woman was a regular customer and always used the automatic payment boxes, the security guards went to check the video surveillance cameras. That’s when they discovered that the thefts had been going on since April.

Police were called to the scene, examined the footage and detained the woman who was already at home.

This is the second time in a short time that police have arrested a customer for defrauding supermarkets. Recently, two customers were arrested for changing the barcodes of expensive products to other barcodes of other cheaper products. Again, they were caught by analysis of video surveillance cameras.

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