Paris completes electric scooter rentals

There are an estimated 15,000 electric scooters on the streets of Paris, operated by companies such as Lime, Dot and Tire, whose operating contracts expire on September 1.

Although less than 08% of voters cast a ballot, the bond renewal was voted on by citizens in April, with 89% of participants voting against it.

The city council, led by Socialist leader Anne Hidalgo, adopted the decision a year after 2022, in which scooters (rental or private) were involved in 459 accidents, resulting in three deaths and 426 injuries, more than double compared to 2019. , according to data from the municipality.

The disappearance of this rental movement in Paris – where private vehicles continue to be recognized – coincided with the publication of a measure by the government of President Emmanuel Macron to strengthen the conditions for the use of these vehicles.

The Ministry of Interior, responsible for transport, has raised the legal age for driving a scooter from 12 to 14 and increased sanctions for “dangerous behaviour” by users, the Guardian announced today.

It was also decided that the fine for transporting another passenger in one of these motor vehicles will be 135 Euros instead of the previous 35 Euros.

Fines for riding on certain restricted roads and for using lanes for cars when there is a lane for bicycles have also been increased.

Rides are not included in the tightening of restrictions, as their use is already penalized with 135 euros.

The age of use of electric scooters has increased after a 12-year-old girl riding one died Wednesday after being hit by a car while crossing a zebra crossing in Cessé, east of Paris.

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