Parents have been hiding their daughter’s body on the sofa for 12 years. The incident has shocked neighbors and friends

An American couple from Louisiana in the United States have been arrested and charged with negligence following the discovery of their daughter’s body on a sofa at their home in Slaughter. The scene where the crime took place is interesting.

Lacey Fletcher Died, half-naked, left “rotten” on the sofa for 12 years. It weighed 43 kilograms and was covered with human waste, urine and larvae, District Attorney Sam D’Akulla was quoted as saying. Independent. There were more severe lesions on the lower body.

The 36-year-old’s parents were respected members of the community. Clay Fletcher He held a key position in an association for the preservation of the memory of the American Civil War Sheila Fletcher, A former city council member from Zachary, was an assistant to the attorney general. Both withdrew from public proceedings before the indictment.

Police found the body on January 3, when Sheila called 112. When ER came on the scene, they met with a horrible stench and a horror movie scene. Lacey, who is said to be suffering from prison syndrome, a rare neurological disorder, was delighted to sit up in bed.

The case shocked even close friends. “I was shocked that it did not match any of my experiences with him.”Clay’s colleague John Potts told a local television station BRPROUD. “The details are horrible, no doubt about it. I could not understand how something like this could happen.”, He added. Others do not even know the couple has a daughter. Lacey attended home schooling from high school, suffered from social anxiety in adolescence and Asperger’s was in poor condition.

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Said Robert Plates, a family neighbor Daily mail What The last time I saw Lacey was in 2005: “When I last saw her she looked very normal physically. She was always very skinny and was doing street exercises with little weight. I saw her exercising on the street from time to time. Last time I didn’t tell her anything, I could not see any reason.Said.

The report states that autopsy officer Ewell Bickham believes he could have sat in the same position for 12 years. Attorney. And detected Govit-19. Evel considered the death of the young woman a murder “At least a decade of medical abuse is the cause of his death.”. “She is OK. I’ve seen some terrible things in my life, but nothing like that. “ Revealed Dailymail.

“Her parents let her sit on the bed. She just urinated and used the toilet on the bed. Said Sam D’Aquilla. “In a murder, there must be motive. Did they want to kill her? I mean yes, they wanted to kill her. The parents were charged with second-degree murder.

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