Olaf Scholes says Ukraine must decide which outcome it wants to accept in its talks with Russia – Observer

German Chancellor Olaf Scholes has backed Ukraine’s decision on what it wants to accept in talks with Russia this Wednesday, but reiterated that the EU’s role is to strengthen Kiev’s position.

It is not anyone else’s business, it is your country and your sovereignty“The German Chancellor angered the Prime Minister of Finland, Channa Marin, during a working dinner in Berlin.

According to Olaf Scholz, European countries need to clarify their position of rejecting Moscow because it will help support Ukraine’s ability to act.

However, in the end, he recalled that it was Kiev will have to decide on an acceptable decision in the negotiations with the Russians.

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The German Chancellor expressed confidence that the support of the West and Ukraine had already played a key role in bringing Moscow to the negotiating table.

The head of the Finnish government also endorsed the idea, saying that support from Western countries has brought about change with the help of mechanisms and weapons. Make sure Kiev “has a good position in the negotiations”.

Sanna Marin recalled the words of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky that the talks were moving in a very realistic direction, and hoped that a ceasefire would be reached soon and that civilian casualties would occur.

When asked about the possibility of Finland in NATO, the official stressed There is an internal debate process this spring that will involve the government, the president and parliament.

The Prime Minister did not rule out the possibility of a subsequent launch, but stressed that Finland had a “long tradition of consensus on foreign policy” and that “the purpose of this process was to achieve a possible consensus”. Problem “.

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Olaf Scholz, on the other hand, only highlighted the existing cooperative relationship between Finland and NATO and assured that the Nordic country’s will would be “always welcomed”.

Both rulers agreed to minimize Russia’s energy dependence because, according to Finnish, imports from that country help “finance the war.”

“We have already agreed to free ourselves from the need to continue importing fossil fuels,” Scholz said, adding that his government’s goal was to achieve complete independence from this type of energy within 25 years.

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