NHL trade scores: Canucks pay Red Wings outrageous price for Filip Hronek


Canucks get: Defenseman Philip Hronik, 2023 fourth-round pick

Red Wings gets: 2023 Conditional First Round Selection (originally an Islander), 2023 Second Round Selection

Shayna Goldman: Dear Patrick Alvin, maybe you don’t pick up the phone the next time Steve Yzerman calls? Or do, because we could all use a laugh once in a while.

While a lot is puzzling to Vancouver, it appears they have some kind of vision: younger defensemen in their mid-twenties. There is nothing wrong with Hronek. He’s having a really strong season, especially before he ended up alongside Ben Chiarot. and Canucks Do In need of competent defensive linemen, that was evident before the puck dropped this season.

But there is an upside to this trade that doesn’t make any sense to the Canucks. As it is, they’re facing the cap for next season, which gives them a little bit of flexibility—unless there’s another step to take. Even though Hronek isn’t rented and has a reasonable $4.4 million cap to play now, his solid season opens the door for a raise that this team shouldn’t be willing to hand — or might not even be able to give.

What else doesn’t make sense? back! the first and the second! In deep draft! It’s not that the Canucks shouldn’t flip these picks. Given that they have their first priority over the next three years, getting out of the Islanders’ choice isn’t a deal-breaker. It should only be up to the player to ensure that high of a payout – in this case, that first plus the second round imbalances the trade more than necessary.

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From a Red Wings perspective, Yzerman sold a high and top player to the Canucks. He made an impressive comeback, and now the question turns to what comes next. Will these draft picks become a trading capital to replace Hronek on defense? Even if that wasn’t the plan, this deal in and of itself is a win.

Canucks: Dr
red wings a

Sean Gentile: I have to preface this by saying that I love Hronek as a player. I think it’s good. It does a lot of things really well – the fun stuff. He collects points, hits people, and does everything from the right side. I’m not worried that he’s having a year in his career, and I’m not worried that his production has been down lately. He plays alongside Chiarot. You will have some of it.

To add to the blue line, it needs to be improved immediately, especially if you don’t have any defenders with the right shot, like in Vancouver. That way, it makes sense. The Canucks defense stunk this morning, and now it smells less.

That’s the only way it makes sense, though; Canucks are still bad. They are still bad. While Hronek’s are good, it’s not enough to make them good – not in any meaningful sense, nor for the price they paid.

I think it is this way; They’ve just taken the major asset they got from the Islanders for Bo Horvat (who will likely be their first unprotected player in 2024), added their second-round pick to the mound and replaced him with the 25-year-old, the second man with a $4.4m extra season. USD prior to arbitration eligibility.

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That’s a move you make when you’re close, not 27 in the league. It would be shocking if it wasn’t typical of the Canucks. They will not rebuild. never. Not on purpose at least. They’ve paid for it before, and they’re about to do it again. Whatever improvements the Hronek brings will not be enough to justify the price. Surely, they needed a right shot dr. There is a lot that can be added by trade, in fact.

As for the red wings? There seems to be a drive among a certain sect of Red Wings fans to treat Steve Yzerman’s moves as acts of intuitive genius, even when there is evidence to the contrary. Not every transaction is smart, or part of a grand plan. That being said…that’s clever. It certainly seems to be part of a grand plan. The Red Wings had fun last month, then slipped too far down the standings to justify the move. They will be better for her, both in the short and long term.

Canucks: d +
red wings a

(Photo: Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire)

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