“New Genocide”, “Terrorism”, “Barbarism”: Parties Reject Civilian Deaths in Israel, Bloc Breaks with PCB, Condemns Hamas

Unanimous in condemning civilian deaths in Israel, the parties once again highlighted their differences in parliament this Wednesday as the conflict with Hamas escalates. While the PS and the right recognized Israel’s right to self-defense after the terror group’s attack, more left-wing parties insisted on Palestinian self-determination. In this political segment, the nuances are even more significant – the Bloc has already condemned the crimes committed by Hamas, while the PCP has continued without mentioning the terrorist organization.

The word Hamas cannot be used by the PCP”, PSD deputy Alexandre Bozo, head of the Portugal-Israel Parliamentary Friendship Group, noted an “evolution” in BE’s position after Mariana Mortagua condemned the “war crimes committed by Hamas” this morning.

In a political statement on the topic, the Social Democratic deputy said he hoped the Israeli state’s response would be “proportionate”.This is the new carnage of 2023. Terrorist barbarism is condemned and fought, it does not admit of justification“, announced Alexandre Bozo, insisting that Hamas is holding the population of the Gaza Strip hostage and using it as a “human shield”.

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