Netflix subscribers can access the hidden upgrade of their favorite shows

Tired of listening to the cast speak their lines when you are watching your favorite shows at home?

Netflix Upgrade allows viewers to activate an audio quality upgrade on hundreds of the most watched shows.

Spatial audio gives users an “immersive cinematic” experience from their living rooms, without the need for expensive and complicated audio equipment.

More than 700 Netflix fan-favorite series will improve the sound quality, including Wednesday, Stranger Things, The Watcher and Knives Out: Glass Onion.

But the audio upgrade is only available to Netflix’s Premium users – the most expensive account available.

Audio upgrade will happen automatically on compatible TVs but only for Netflix Premium subscribers (file image)
Netflix Premium costs £15.99 – or $19.99 – per month but lets you watch on four supported devices at the same time (file photo)

With Premium, our members will enjoy the highest quality audio available, whether they’re watching at home on their TV or computer, or on the go with their phone or tablet, Netflix said.

Netflix’s spatial audio brings an immersive cinematic sound experience to any device without the need for additional equipment — and it’s now available on over 700 of our most watched movies.

To check if your account is eligible, open Netflix on your device and head to your profile icon.

There, you will see an account option listed. Click on this and it will select which of the Netflix account options you are currently on.

You can upgrade your account by visiting the website.

Netflix Premium costs £15.99 – or $19.99 – per month, but lets you watch on four supported devices at the same time.

Other perks, such as access to all of the streaming platform’s TV shows, movies, and mobile games, are also included.

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If you have a compatible TV and Netflix Premium, the sound will be optimized automatically.

Otherwise, viewers can find titles with upgraded audio quality by searching for titles and looking for shows that have the little spatial audio icon (such as a megaphone) next to the description.

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