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The NATO Parliamentary Assembly, an independent institution of the Atlantic alliance, gave its approval this Monday Declaration of support for Ukraine’s capacity Attack military targets in Russia with Allied-supplied weapons.

At the same time, the same parliament of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) adopted on Monday Kosovo as an associate memberAudience Status (2014) After 10 years, the Bulgarian Public Radio from Sofia pointed out that the assembly will end its work this Monday, which happened at the end of the week.

Regarding the support report for the application by Allies-supplied weapons to UkraineText approved By 47 out of 56 countries or organizations that form a body that acts as a liaison between the parliaments of NATO and Atlantic Alliance member states.

In addition Among the 32 NATO countriesRepresentatives from partner parliaments or observers from other countries or organizations, such as the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe or the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), have seats in the organization.

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Several NATO countries that sent weapons to Ukraine to defend the country from a Russian invasion, which began on February 24, 2022, stipulated that the equipment would not be used to attack military positions on Russian soil.

Stoltenberg calls for primary weapons for Kiev rather than NATO reserves

This Monday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg argued that the time had come to lift the embargo. Attack military targets on Russian soilUkraine is being bombed from there, It is a legitimate form of self-defense.

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Otherwise, according to the responsible person, the Ukraine’s “hands are tied” to prevent Russian aggression.

“Allies must decide on restrictions on the use of weapons on legitimate military targets across borders, which is not a NATO issue. Even now, Some members have restrictions, others don’t“, Stoltenberg underlined during a press conference with Bulgarian Prime Minister Dimitar Klavchev.

“Russia has violated the sovereignty of another country. This is a violation of international law, to which we are all signatories. Ukraine has the right to defend itself. As allies, we have the right to help Ukraine defend itself. However, this does not mean that NATO is a party to the conflict,” Stoltenberg said.

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Secretary General of the Atlantic Alliance emphasized NATO has no plans to send troops to UkraineTo place capabilities in Ukrainian airspace or train troops on Ukrainian soil.

And, the representative added, NATO’s main objective is to ensure The conflict did not last outside Ukraine Or it could become a conflict between the Atlantic alliance and Russia.

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Regarding Kosovo’s accession as an associate member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Kosovar President Vjosa Usmani was “proud” of such a move.

“NATO is Kosovo’s destiny and this move will ensure that the voice of pro-NATO people on the planet is heard,” Usmani wrote on the social network. X.

Chairman of the Kosovar Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Triton Hyseni, said the recognition came after many years. Better cooperation with the Parliament of Kosovo.

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After Russia launched its aggression against Ukraine in February 2022, officials in Kosovo, which unilaterally seceded from Serbia in 2008, quickly asked to join NATO.

On Sunday, Ana Brnabic, the speaker of Serbia’s parliament, urged NATO parliamentarians. Kosovo should not be granted partner statusHe argued that this would be a boon for Pristina authorities in their efforts to block European Union (EU)-mediated dialogue.

A Serbia does not recognize Kosovo’s independence And it considers it unacceptable to international organizations.

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