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Maja Janeska, 39, a digital influencer with more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram, was found dead in her bed at home from a gunshot wound to the head. Her boyfriend, cigarette tycoon Kyle Phillips, was brushing his teeth in the bathroom at the time. As he told the authorities, he went to bed and found his girlfriend dead. But the police did not fully believe this story, which only explained suicide. Because nothing indicated that this could happen, there was no indication, sign or circumstance that Maja Janeska wanted to kill herself. Kyle Phillips isn’t officially a suspect yet, but he could be made an arguido in the coming days.

Maja Janeska was found dead

Family members say Maja Janeska died under mysterious circumstances

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Family members say Maja Janeska died under mysterious circumstances

The play took place at Maja and Kyle’s family home in Johannesburg, South Africa. Officers were called to the couple’s luxury home on the night of December 2. “Upon arrival at the specified address, officers found a woman in the living room with a gunshot wound to the head. A gun was next to her. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics,” a police spokesperson from Johannesburg confirmed. Mawela Masondo.

Initially, the police did not treat this case as a crime and considered it a suicide, but now new information has come out that takes the investigation in a different direction. Maja’s relatives, quoted in the “News 24” newspaper, have guaranteed that the death occurred under “very mysterious circumstances”.🇧🇷 Because, according to a family member, “sometimes she fears for her life,” Maja said. Anyway, they never hear her talk about suicide, express her desire to end her life, nothing of the sort. “Her boyfriend had men working for him and she was scared of them too. We are heartbroken and don’t know what to do,” said the same family member.

Equally skeptical of the suicide thesis was Maja’s close friend Eva Ristic. “I spoke to her on Thursday [1 de dezembro, véspera da morte]🇧🇷 She just returned from a diplomatic mission to Macedonia. She is a beautiful girl, full of life, very talented and ambitious. She loved life and I don’t understand why anyone would hurt her in any way. She did not commit suicide. She is not that kind of person,” he told the same South African newspaper.

Maja Janeska was born in North Macedonia, but moved to Tanzania at the age of 19, to work in a hotel. It was there that she learned to speak Swahili and began a career as a makeup artist. In 2012, she created a YouTube page and gained over 1 million followers thanks to her makeup tips. She later created an Instagram page and an academy of make-up artists, which operated in Johannesburg.

In her last Instagram post, on November 22, Maja posed with North Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Bujar Osman.

Police are investigating all possible links to the influencer and makeup artist’s death.

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