Missing girl in US found after six years Thanks to the Netflix series – Mundo was identified

Missing girl in US found after six years Identified by the Netflix series

Kayla’s finder admitted that he recognized the child only after watching the series in which the girl appears.

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The child was forgotten in the mall

An American child who had been missing for the past 6 years was found on Monday in North Carolina, USA. Kayla Anbehan, now 15, was allegedly abducted by her foster mother when she was nine.

The television station reported that the child was identified by a store owner in the US state. Fox News. The man admitted that he recognized the young woman from the series “Unsolved Mysteries” (‘Mysteries to be solved’, in Portuguese) in which Kayla appeared and called the police.

Missing girl’s mother faces child abduction charges. On the day of her disappearance, when Kayla’s father went to pick up Kayla at her mother’s house in Illinois, he realized that both of them were missing with their bags.

About six years later, the father responded to his daughter’s appearance. “I love you and I miss you. I can’t wait for the day I see you again. I’m glad you’re back in my life,” she wrote on social media.

The child is in police custody. Authorities have already confirmed through DNA testing that it is Kayla Anbehan.

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