Miley’s visit to Madrid opens new dispute between government and PP

Argentine President Javier Mille, this Friday visited Spain Ayuzo, President of the Community of Madrid, from PP. There were no meetings with Socialist Executive Committee members or King Philippe VI on the agenda.

Ignoring any controversy, Ayuzo awarded Javier Mili this Friday afternoon the International Medal of the Community of Madrid, a distinction created seven years ago and which has already distinguished names such as the Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky or the Venezuelan Juan Gaido.

In his speech, the popular leader hailed Miley as saying, “You are faced with strong and courageous measures that sound like a breath of fresh air,” referring to the controversial reforms that Miley has been implementing in his country. Argentina’s president thanked for praise for his policies: “We have come from the future to talk about the degeneration of socialism,” declared Millay. “Don’t let socialism destroy your life. (…) Social justice is deeply unjust and violent.

The controversy surrounding Javier Mille began in May when, for the first time since taking office as Argentina’s president, he did not request an audience with Spanish authorities to participate in a conference of the far-right party Vox in Madrid. During the Vox meeting, he made statements that Sánchez’s government was insulting and unacceptable, as they were made during a visit to Spain – the Argentine called Pedro Sánchez’s wife in Madrid corrupt, and in the following weeks he criticized ministers and called the former a “coward”. — Spanish Minister.

The dispute escalated into a diplomatic crisis with the withdrawal of the Spanish ambassador in Buenos Aires. At the same time, Mili and his government have highlighted that the Argentine president has also been insulted by members of the Spanish administration, accusing him of denial and autocracy or suggesting he uses drugs.

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“I think it’s logical, the head of state is the king where President Millay disrespected the president of the Spanish government,” Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles said on Thursday, referring to the non-reunion with Felipe VI. ml. “I don’t believe that Isabel Díaz Ayuzo’s award to Javier Mili was born out of a sudden love for the Argentine people. I think she is doing this out of spite,” said Patsy López, the socialist spokeswoman for the Congress.

Ayuzo defended his meeting with Miley, declaring that it was an “honor” to receive Argentina’s legitimate president and an “official” visit. However, Foreign Affairs Minister Jose Manuel Alvarez has denied Ayuzo. “There is no doubt that this is a private visit. There is nothing on the official agenda that I know about this visit so far,” Albarez said, thus denying the official character of the ceremony yesterday afternoon at the headquarters of the Madrid community, insisting that “Spain has only one foreign policy”. .

Pilar Alegria, the education minister and government spokesman, attacked the head of the Madrid community for receiving Javier Mili, but also for “not complying with the law” by not informing the Foreign Ministry that a representative had met a foreigner. . “Such is Ms. Ayuzo’s view of the establishment, loyalty and patriotism that it imposes a false medal on anyone who insults the institutions.”

During the diplomatic crisis between the two countries, the PP considered “logical” and “normal” the decision to receive and decorate the Argentine president, Isabel Ayuzo, regardless of the Spanish government. “What is not logical is that nobody saw the inauguration of the president elected by Argentina. “We defend the restoration of normality in external and international relations between two countries like Spain and Argentina,” argued Cuga Camarra, secretary general of popular groups.

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