Mike Hilton and Chad Johnson recruit Lyle Collins in the Bengals

Recruitment efforts are in full swing, as in the past and present Cincinnati Bengals Players pay attention to the attack of free agent Lyle Collins.

Released by the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday, Collins fast I agreed to associate with Bengals for free agent visit.

To say this isn’t shocking would be an understatement. Besides the fact that the Bengals have already spent big on two of the four points needing promotion after the Super Bowl trip, Cincinnati is an obvious destination for Collins because he was coached in Dallas by current Bengals offensive line coach Frank Pollack.

See the current Bengals’ Mike Hilton see what’s going on and try to help with recruitment:

Then there’s Chad Johnson, who spoke of it like an already settled deal:

At this point Collins will have what looks like a full day of meetings with the Bengals on Friday, so expect an announcement one way or the other soon.

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