Microsoft Bing now uses OpenAI’s DALL-E AI to convert text into images

OpenAI is displayed on screen with Microsoft Bing showing the dual images on mobile, as shown in this image illustration.

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Microsoft On Tuesday, it added a new AI-powered capability to its search menu: AI-generated visualizations.

Powered by OpenAI’s DALL-E, the new tool will allow users to create images using their own words, such as asking for a picture of “an astronaut walking through a galaxy of sunflowers,” the company explained in a blog post. press release.

The feature called “Bing Image Creator” will be available to Bing users and Microsoft Edge in preview. It will be launched first in the search engine’s “creative mode”. The company added that eventually, it will be fully integrated into the Bing chat experience.

In Microsoft Edge, the image creator will be available in the browser’s search bar.

Microsoft has ramped up AI-assisted search functionality in recent months, first announcing AI-powered updates to Bing and Edge in early February.

Last week, the tech giant also announced that it would add generative AI technology to some of its most popular business applications, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Excitement around the promise of generative AI was driven by the huge success of ChatGPT, which was released by Microsoft-backed OpenAI in November.

As new Microsoft capabilities became available to users, some beta testers identified issues, including threats, useless tips, and other glitches.

Microsoft says it has taken steps to reduce abuse of Bing Image Creator by working with OpenAI to develop safety measures for the public.

Microsoft said that these safety measures include controls “intended to limit the generation of harmful or unsafe images,” as well as a modified Bing icon that will be added to the lower left corner of images, with the aim of indicating images that have been created using artificial intelligence. .

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Microsoft’s tiered approach to rolling out Bing Image Creator is also inspired by the iterative approach the company attempted with previous versions.

“People have used it in some ways we expected and some we didn’t,” Microsoft said of Bing’s new capabilities. “In this spirit of learning and continuing to responsibly build new capabilities, we are rolling out Bing Image Creator in a phased-by-flying approach with a group of preview users before expanding more broadly.”

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