Married a relative in an arranged ceremony. The Italian police released her

UIn Sondrio in the Italian region of Lombardy, a young Pakistani woman was freed by the Italian police after years of imprisonment and abuse by her husband, her cousin’s family.

The case was reported this Friday by the Italian news agency ANSA, which explained that the two were married when the young woman was 20 years old. The wedding was organized by a Pakistani family on social media.

According to the Italian agency, the two separated for a while and only met in October last year, when the young woman moved to an apartment in Sondrio.

Apart from mother-in-law, 52 years old, and the man she married, 24 years old, two brothers-in-law lived in the house.

Cohabitation was somewhat oppressive as the mother-in-law deprived the young woman of many things, including leaving home or interacting with people other than her family.

The victim was also banned from learning Italian and forced to do housework. What little autonomy he had didn’t allow him to call his family to report the situation—until he did. Another family member, who lives outside the area, told them to call the police.

The mother-in-law and her husband are now in jail accused of kidnapping and ill-treatment.

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