Lil Wayne Says He’s Better Than Jay-Z On All Rappers’ List, Debate

Hip-hop heads have been debating for weeks over a new list of the greatest rappers of all time Jay Z In the first place – but now Lil Wayne He entered the chat … and says it’s the goat

Weezy said a lot last week during an appearance on the Zane Lowe‘s Apple Music Show podcast, where the topic paintingThe 50 Greatest Rappers of All Time – which they published on February 8 – appeared … and to LW’s surprise, it only scored seventh, lower than many others.

Lil Wayne drops the music video for “Kant Nobody” featuring DMX 🔥🔥🔥

– XXL Magazine (XXL) February 24, 2023

port has PeggyAnd EminemAnd TupacAnd peopleAnd Kendrick Lamar And Jay-Z is ahead of him, respectively — but Wayne begs to differ on all of them, especially among those who are still alive. He says bluntly, he’s No. 1…and even the pollsters would dare ask men who ranked higher than him how they felt about it. In his mind, he thinks they would agree… Wayne is older than them.

As usual, this is all subjective… and it’s not really clear what kind of criteria Billboard even follows in considering one person as better than the other. From the looks of it, they seem to associate Jay as the biggest dog because of the all-around success — which he certainly has.

But, if you check Twitter… many seem to agree with the idea that Wayne is, in fact, better than Jay-Z – both in terms of his rap skill and cultural influence, which really should be how you measure those things. The truth is, Weezy is still spitting fire in 2023 (see New DMX collaboration) … while one could argue that Jay doesn’t rap as well as he did in his heyday.

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Still, their numbers are comparable… Wayne has 3 #1s (Billboard Hot 100) and Jay has 4 #1s of his own. However, Wayne has 25 of his songs in the top 10 historically, while Jay has only 22 songs in the same category. So, on a song-for-song basis…they’re pretty close.

Even in number of albums, Jay’s 14 #1s to Wayne’s 9 (Billboard 200) have nearly tied it.

We suppose this question is really in the eye of the beholder, but perhaps it can honestly be answered with one simple question — in Heart of Hearts, Whose Music Are You Actually Stumbling On The Job? And who has, really, a memorable repertoire in general ???

Everyone’s got their favorite, but between these two…who do you have? Let us know!

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