Le Pen is a nationalist: she doesn’t like the Union or NATO | Comment

1. On the day nearly 50 million French people go to the polls in the first round of legislative elections – the second is next Sunday – many are wondering what effect Marine Le Pen’s National Union-led government will have on the EU. , its political agenda and the functioning of its institutions. We know that in France, foreign and security policies have traditionally been considered the “reserved domain” of the president, and there will only be presidential elections in 2027. But we also know that European politics determines much of the internal politics of member states. vice versa. One more thing we know: the model of “collaboration” between two different political colors in the Elysee and Matignon of the past cannot be an example. Today, for the first time in the Fifth Republic, there is a far-right political force with a vision of Europe whose history cannot leave anyone in peace.

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