Lavrov accuses the West of “Ukrainizing” international relations and “obsessed” with defeating Russia.

At the United Nations, the Russian minister spared no criticism of NATO’s “expansionism” and urged the world not to slip into “a big war.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov this Saturday accused the West of “Ukrainizing” international relations.

“A clear manifestation of the self-interest of the Western minority, frantic attempts to ‘Ukrainize’ the agenda of international discussions, pushed against the background of a series of unresolved regional crises, many of which have dragged on for years,” said the Russian ruler at the UN General Assembly. Cited by RIA Novosti.

Lavrov did not hold back in criticizing the West, characterizing it as “obsessed” over its “own impunity” and inflicting a “strategic defeat” on Russia.

“Recent joint exercises between the United States and European NATO allies, including test scenarios for the use of nuclear weapons on the territory of the Russian Federation, are unprecedented since the end of the Cold War,” he lamented. “The mission to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia has been declared, and it is being propagated by irresponsible politicians who feel impunity and have lost a basic sense of self-preservation.”

The Kremlin’s head of diplomacy appealed to the world to “prevent the planet from sliding into a major war” before turning to criticize Nato.

Under the sly slogan of “Euro-Atlantic region and Indo-Pacific security inseparability,” a new and dangerous manifestation of NATO’s expansion is the attempt to expand the group’s area of ​​responsibility to the entire Eastern Hemisphere. To this end, Washington is creating political-military mini-alliances under its control, such as AUKUS. [Austrália – Reino Unido – EUA]”The US-Japan-South Korea ‘Troika’, the Tokyo-Seoul-Canberra-Wellington Quartet, draws its members to practical cooperation with NATO and introduces its infrastructure in the Pacific theater,” he concluded.

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