‘Kyiv Calling:’ Ukrainian punk band makes The Clash an anti-Russian anthem classic

The cover, which describes the Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion, is called “Kyiv calling“It calls for global support for Ukraine.” Kyiv is calling out to the whole world / Get out of neutrality, boys and girls,” the band known as Peyton sings.
The lyrics to the songs “Because Kyiv rises” continue. “We live by resistance.” The poems also refer to the lyrics of Russian songs Powerful use of propaganda to tell its citizens A distorted account of the invasion: “And do you know what Moscow said? Well, none of it was true.”
Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, killing hundreds of people and forcing millions more to flee the country. As of Sunday, there were more than 3 million refugees, including at least 1.5 million children, According to the International Organization for Migration. Most of them fled to neighboring countries, including Romania, Moldova and Poland. There are millions more internally displaced within Ukraine.

The title of the original song for The Clash refers to World War II. The BBC World Service would use “This is London’s Call” in its wartime broadcasts. Her lyrics refer to the political instability in Britain and around the world at the time of her 1979 release.

A video for the cover song, posted on YouTube’s Free Ukraine channel on Saturday, had racked up thousands of views by Sunday afternoon. The video shows the band’s performance with footage of the protests and Russian attacks on the country.

The video was even shared by Clash on Twitter.
Peyton said on instagram The cover was designed “to raise money to support our country around the world with the help of punk rock.” They were asked to replay the song by Free Ukrainian Resistance Movement It is delivered upon request in just three days. According to its website, the movement is partnering with governments and NGOs to protect the “territorial integrity of Ukraine”.
The band has also used her social media to condemn the Russian invasion and document their resistance. on instagramthey posted a photo of themselves with the caption: “We’re the hard-core Peyton Squad from Ukraine. Instead of playing parties, we volunteer in our army, work on the air all night, take care of refugees and hide families in shelters. All we hated the enemy!”
Among the producers who helped record and mix the cover song Danny Sabera seasoned sound engineer who has produced works by famous artists such as Madonna and the Rolling Stones.

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