Kinder chocolates were withdrawn from the Portuguese market

Kinder Schhokobons in danger (all forms); Valid between 26/05/2022 and 21/08/2022 The Kinder Surprise Maxi and Kinder Happy Moments

Many kindergarten chocolate products were withdrawn from the Portuguese market “as a precaution”. French and British markets These products have been removed from supermarkets Cases of Salmonella poisoning.

“Ferrero Iberica, as a precautionary and precautionary measure, issued an order to withdraw certain volumes of certain products made in Belgium from the Portuguese market after some cases of Salmonella were recorded in Northern Europe,” it said. Note sent by FerreroKinder Chocolate Company.

According to the company, Kinder Scopagons at risk (all forms); Kinder Surprise Maxi and Kinder Happy Moments are all valid until 26/05/2022 and 21/08/2022.

“Ferrero is cooperating with Portuguese health officials to remove the products as soon as possible,” the report said.

Keep in mind that the first alert occurred this Monday, there was a problem with the set of Kinder Eggs Salmonella infection In a group of about 57 people in the UK. The majority of those infected with the bacteria are children between the ages of three and five.

The market was followed by the French, who announced the withdrawal of the chocolates, and after the report of at least 15 victims.

This Tuesday, the Directorate for Food and Veterinary Medicine (DGAV) said it was monitoring it. Kinder Chocolate Case And the information collected indicates Polluted places did not come to Portugal. However, Ferrero said this Wednesday that the “maximum precaution” would be removed as soon as possible with the aforementioned Kinder.

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Ferrero Iberica said the remaining Kinder Surpresa eggs, Kinder Gran Surpresa Easter eggs and all other Kinder brands in any form were “not affected by the withdrawal”.

The company apologizes for this “incident” and concludes the note, saying do not consume these products Contact customer service here “Keep the packaging on hand to indicate the product package so you can report exactly,” it says.

However, the company reiterates that the presence of Salmonella has not yet been identified in analyzes carried out on Kinder products.

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