Kiev – Video shows Ukrainian soldiers killing Russian soldiers captured on the outskirts of the Observatory

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One Video Many Ukrainian soldiers released earlier this week commemorated the deaths of Russian soldiers, and on at least one occasion, To shoot one of the already captured players, on point-blank range. This video was initially released on Russian-linked telegram accounts and its authenticity, however, The American newspaper The New York Times confirmed.

According to The New York Times, the video was shot in the city DimitrovkaOn the outskirts of Kiev, ten kilometers south of Pucha – a city recently recaptured by Ukrainian forces. The bodies of hundreds of civilians were found Scattered in the streets and mass graves with signs of torture.

The video was shot on a road you can watch Many bloody corpses on the groundIt appears to be Russian soldiers, and many Ukrainian soldiers are surrounded by bodies, with expressions of celebration.

The most shocking moment of the video occurs in the first few seconds, when a Russian soldier is on the ground, visually injured, but can be seen breathing and moving. At that time, according to a translation published by The New York Times, a male voice was heard:He is still alive. Take a picture of these thieves. Look, he’s still alive. You are panting.“Then one of the Ukrainian soldiers fired twice at the man lying on the ground. The Russian continued to move, and the Ukrainians fired a third shot and killed him.

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The video shows military vehicles and various equipment being destroyed near the location of the bodies. At that point, the American newspaper, Ukrainian troops say A column of Russian soldiers lurking as they retreated from the cities around Kiev.

Last week, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Had confirmed A “Precise work“Ukrainian forces destroy a Russian military column on the outskirts of Kiev,” the Ukrainian news agency Union said last week. Shared parts of the same videoThe New York Times describes it as an example of the “Georgian Legion” intervention, a paralyzed group of Georgian volunteers fighting alongside Ukrainian soldiers.

The Ukrainian government has not yet commented on the video. However, at the end of March, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky Promised that a detailed investigation would be conducted A video of Ukrainian troops with their hands tied and blindfolded and shot in the knees by captured Russian soldiers has surfaced on social media following the actions of Ukrainian troops. “We are a European army and we do not mock our prisoners“At the time, Oleksiy Arestovich promised that Zelensky’s adviser responsibilities would be investigated.

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