Kanye West Doesn’t Ask For Help After Kim Kardashian Divorce

A representative for Kanye West says reports that he sought help after a recent drama between him, ex-wife Kim Kardashian and new boyfriend Pete Davidson are false. (Photo: Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images)

reports that Kanye West He asks for help after a recent argument with his ex-wife Kim kardashian And her new boyfriend Pete Davidson Wrong, a representative of the rapper told Yahoo.

Earlier this week, a “source close to the Kardashian family” explained, Sixth page Anne West told his ex-wife he was “going to get help”.

The source claimed, “For the sake of the kids, Kanye told Kim that he won’t make public appearances or inflammatory statements on social media, and is going away somewhere to get better.”

However, the new head of media and partnerships at West, told Yahoo in a statement on April 1 that this account is not accurate.

“Ye monitors all the headlines relating to him and his family on a daily basis. Most of it is fed into the media by ‘sources close to the Kardashian family’, who have been creating a false narrative that is not only incorrect but jeopardizes his goal of creating a healthy life,” Lee told me. An environment for the lovely kids he shares with Kim. He’s focused on taking care of himself, being a present, loving dad and a creative genius before all the false headlines we’ve seen lately.”

Lee added that while Yi does not respond to many headlines, the story about the conversation with Kim is “simply incorrect.”

“If you don’t hear it from his mouth, read it from his social media, or get it from a press release he agreed it’s just a mistake,” Lee concluded.

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Yahoo has reached out to the Kardashian family for comment.

The West has received a backlash in recent weeks for He shared about Davidson, from After appearing with the comedian in Saturday Night Live. West also released a video for his song “Easy” which he is in .

Earlier this week, Kardashian and West In Los Angeles.

The founder of KKW Beauty recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show I explained how it is with the Donda Artist.

“I think that’s just who I am and I’ve always seen such a good example in their relationship with my mum and dad, so I’m always an optimist and no matter what happens, he’s the father of my kids,” Kardashian said. “I will always be protective – I always want my kids to see the absolute best. So I just try — as hard as sometimes — trying to ignore it and just try to do whatever is best for the kids.”

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