Kamiya says he “forever owes Nintendo” for Bayonetta 3

PlatinumGames Supervising Director Hideki Kamiya 3 and Nintendo Producer Makoto Okazaki spoke about the origins of Bayonetta 3. The information comes from this week’s issue of the Japanese magazine FamitsuAnd the Where the two participated in an in-depth discussion about the switch’s title.

Kamiya confirmed that PlatinumGames began working on a proposal and prototype after canceling its previous project, Scalebound. Nintendo was already going ahead with Bayonetta 1 and 2 outlets for the Switch, then Kamiya shared a video message that Okazaki believes “was the final push that made this game a reality.” Meanwhile, Kamiya stated that he “is forever indebted to Nintendo”.

Here are Kamiya and Okazaki’s comments about the origins of Bayonetta 3, as translated by Nintendo Everything:

First of all, how did planning for Bayonetta 3 begin?

Kamiya: As for the time frame, that was right after the project we were working on, Scalebound, was canceled. We decided to start working on Bayonetta 3, a game that fans wanted, and I wanted to make, too. Just writing the proposal costs nothing, so we started forming the prototype. I set out to come up with the concepts, and did some rough drafts first. While (director Yusuke) Miyata and the others put that into motion, we worked with character designer Mary Shimazaki-san on the new Bayonetta design, and we also started giving shape to the story.

Then you took this to Nintendo?

Okazaki: Prior to that, we already had plans to port Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 to the Nintendo Switch. has been raised.

Kamiya: When we tried to understand whether or not they would let us do it, they looked at it optimistically.

Okazaki: Then, we received an emotional video message from Kamiya-san about this game. Personally, I think this was the last installment that made this game a reality.

Kamiya: Speaking of which, I think I was asked to make this video by (Atsushi CEO of PlatinumGames) Inaba (laughs). He said he wanted to show the creator’s passion directly. I’ve said earlier that I wasn’t nearly as involved with Bayonetta 2, but I wrote the story, and I think they mostly kept it the same. Since I saw it was so well received, I wanted to expand the world further for the masses, and I also wanted to challenge myself. That’s why I was really happy that we were able to play the third match. I’m not exaggerating when I say I owe forever to Nintendo.

Bayonetta 3 is now available for Switch.

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Translation provided by SatsumaFS on behalf of Nintendo Everything.

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