Jean-Marie Le Pen was hospitalized with a stroke

Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the National Front (FN) and father of French far-right presidential candidate Marin Le Pen, has been hospitalized since Wednesday following a stroke.

Le Pen, 93, was subjected to a series of tests, which “revealed nothing of concern” and the evidence told the public radio station that his life was not in danger.

He had a visual impairment during dinner on Monday and was admitted to a hospital in the Paris area two days later where he is expected to be discharged on Saturday.

The historic leader of the French far-right handed over the leadership of the FN to his daughter in 2011, who changed party and renamed it the Rossemblement National (RN).

After several conflicts between the two due to differences in strategy and ideological orientation, he removed him from the line in 2015.

Jean-Marie Le Pen continued as honorary president until 2018, a year later, when he left politics.

During his long political career, he was a member of the French National Assembly several times (he was first elected 63 years ago) and 34 years as MEP.

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