Jamie Lee Curtis refused to “hide” her body for a new role

Jamie Lee Curtis finished “sucking her stomach” and is now releasing “every muscle I had that I used to hold to hide reality.”

The OG scream queen has revealed that in her upcoming movie Everything Everywhere at once, she refused to hide anything about her appearance.

“In the world, there is an industry — a billion dollar and trillion dollar industry — that is about concealing things. Concealers. Body slimming. Fillers. Procedures. Clothes. Hair accessories. Hair products. Everything to hide the reality of who we are.” she He wrote in a lengthy post on Instagram Thursday along with a still image of her in the movie, where she plays an IRS auditor named Deirdre Beaubeirdra.

Jamie Lee Curris at an event in 2021
Curtis has been in the spotlight since she was younger with her famous parents Tony Curtis and Janet Lee.
Getty Images for Fashion Media

Curtis, 63, explained that she told everyone involved in the production that “there would be no hiding anything.”

“I’ve been sucking on my stomach since I was 11, when I started being conscious about boys and bodies, and jeans were too tight,” she wrote.

“I specifically decided to let go and release every muscle I had to hide the truth. That was my goal. I had never felt more creative and physical freedom.”

Jamie Lee Curtis in a bathing suit at "perfect"
In earlier films, such as the 1985 film Perfect, Curtis stripped naked and bared her physical strength.
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The “Halloween” star was met with instant praise from fellow actors and fans.

Niecy Nash posted a series of complimenting hands emojis, while one fan wrote, “We’re a foolish culture, that’s brave – though it shouldn’t be. Brava!”

Another fan added, “I love and respect you more than ever!!!!”

Still picture of Jamie Lee Curtis in "true lies"
One of her most famous scenes of nudity in the movie True Lies.
Courtesy of the Everett Group

The actress – whose parents were “Some Like It Hot” star Tony Curtis and “Psycho” star Janet Lee – has grown into the spotlight as she constantly showcases a toned figure.

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One of her most famous scenes was the nudity seen in the 1994 movie “True Lies,” which Curtis previously described as “the most badass thing I’ve ever felt in the business.”

Jamie Lee Curtis on the red carpet in March 2022
The 63-year-old has been praised for her decision to turn down Hollywood adaptations of her new film.
Getty Images for CHLA

“It was a powerful experience no one else can take credit for—it was just me, the music, three cameras, about 100 guys,” InStyle said earlier this year.

Curtis, who has been married to Christopher Guest since 1984, ended her engagement Thursday to tell fans she couldn’t wait for them to see the movie and “shine” her co-stars, which include Michelle Yeoh, Kei Huiquan and Stephanie Hsu.

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