It is said that Carl Pei’s Nothing is planning to release a smartphone by next month

None, the consumer tech brand led by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, is planning to launch its first smartphone by next month, according to report from Take Crunch. The company is said to have been working on the phone for more than a year, and Pei is said to have shown a prototype to executives from companies including Qualcomm at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The April launch will come just under a year after the company launched its first product, a pair of wireless earbuds called ear 1. The phone is said to have similar design elements to the earbuds, such as the use of transparent components, although other details about the new device are limited. Take Crunch He cites a source with first-hand knowledge of the company’s plans.

Pei has always been clear that he doesn’t expect anything to expand into more product categories over time. at meeting with the edge Back in January, Bay said the plan was to eventually offer an ecosystem for different devices, and the following month, he bought nothing. Essential . Brand Rightswhich released a file One Android smartphone in 2017 before closing less than three years. Last November, a company executive in India said that nothing had happened Five new products are under development.

Lately, it seems Pei has been teasing some kind of Android ads. On February 15, the CEO tweeted that “back on Android“Only for the brand accounts of both Android And the snapdragon To post similar coded jokes in response. Even the brand’s official account for ‘Nothing’ has been bothered.March is going to be fun

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A representative from Nothing did not immediately respond the edgeRequest to comment on Take Cruncha report.

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