In Rafah, humanitarian aid does not enter and refugees do not leave. Why didn’t Egypt open the road? – Spectator

The Rafah crossing gates have been closed for several days. On the Egyptian side, Trucks full of humanitarian aid pile up: They have been bringing food, drinking water, gas and other essentials to an area that has been under bombardment for a week. At El Arish Airport, just 50 kilometers away, there are planes full of supplies sent by countries like the United Arab Emirates and organizations like the WHO. But it’s not worth unloading if Rafa’s gates don’t open.

On the other side of the border, still inside the Gaza Strip, The line up of cars, vans and wagons goes on and on. Foreigners living in the border area and Palestinians holding foreign passports await permission to enter Egypt. Until now – and despite numerous reports that a deal is being negotiated between the country, the US and Hamas – the doors have remained closed.

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