In iPadOS 16, Apple claims that iPads will still function as home hubs, but it’s not that simple

Although text found in the iOS 16 beta code suggested that Apple intended to remove support for the iPad home hub in the forthcoming release, it turns out that’s not quite the whole story. The iPad won’t get a significant improvement that will be made later, but the company claims that it won’t lose support for what it can now perform.

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Catherine Franklin, Apple spokesperson said to The Verge that, ‘iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 will continue to support iPad as a home hub with no loss in functionality.’ Although that appears positive at first glance, there is a huge asterisk. The iPad won’t be supported as a home hub with Apple’s new architecture, which will be included in iPadOS 16’s new Home app.

Franklin continues that, ‘Alongside these releases, the Home app will introduce a new architecture for an even more efficient and reliable experience. Because iPad will not be supported as a home hub with the new architecture, users who rely on iPad for that purpose do not need to update the Home architecture and can continue enjoying all existing features.’

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Regarding the specifics of the architectural change, Apple has been evasive. Corey Wang had said that ‘We reimagined [the new Home app] from the ground up starting with the underlying architecture so it’s more efficient and reliable, especially for homes with many accessories.’ And even if you choose not to upgrade to that new architecture, you can still use the new Home app on an iPad. Via a subsequent iPadOS 16 updates, the upgrade will be accessible in the Home app’s settings, according to Franklin.

What we know for sure is that iPads will not be able to use accessories that involve the new smart home standard ‘Matter’. This is explained in a footnote on the iPadOS 16 preview page, ‘Matter accessories require an Apple TV or HomePod running as a home hub.’

According to Apple, the new architecture will continue to support the HomePod, HomePod Mini, Apple TV HD, and Apple TV 4K as home hubs. You’ll need to purchase one of those other devices if you’re currently using your iPad as a home hub and want to benefit from the new architecture.

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