Impact’s newest Knockout loves the smell of dirty motels

Impact has revealed the latest addition to the Knockouts section with quirky little vignettes. The person concerned reported that she was comforted by the smell of a dirty hotel. The footage also included a dead mouse and possibly some OnlyFans kinks.

Killer Kelly is coming soon to Impact.

The vignette opened with a lonely stranger walking the streets. She loves to walk around alone and stay in dirty motels. It relaxes her as a reminder of this place. The music inside her motel room changed. Only after we lose everything are we free to do anything. Kelly Kelly took off her clothes to take a shower in the bathroom.

That was definitely a strange introduction to Killer Kelly, but I have to say I was intrigued. This makes it somewhat effective. I’m curious how the smell of dirty motels could turn into a gimmick. It was enough on the weird side that it made me wonder if she was shooting a whimsical video.

Previous Impact’s Keeler Kelly struggled in a few losing efforts during 2020. Prior to that, she competed in the 2018 Mae Young Classic for NXT. Kelly tasted defeat against Miku Satomura in the first round.

What do you think about the impact of Killer Kelly’s vignette? Do you also enjoy the smell of dirty motels?

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