“Hard night” in Kiev. 50 countries bring “Putin occupier” to UN General Assembly (last hour of Ukraine invasion)

“Tonight will be very difficult,” he said, as the Ukrainian president called early in the morning to mobilize to defend the capital. Violent fighting in Kiev marked last night, with explosions and airstrikes and Russian troops trying to control the Ukrainian capital.

“Intensive military operations are taking place on the streets of our city at this time. Be quiet and be very careful,” the Kiev camera said in a statement this morning.

At 3 a.m., the Ukrainian Special Telecommunications Service reported that “violent fighting” was taking place inside the Ukrainian capital and that Russian forces were attempting to attack a power plant in the northeastern Trojshina district of Kiev. . Two days after the Russian president ordered the invasion of Ukraine, efforts are underway to control the city, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky’s call is expected to arrive.

“Tonight will be very difficult. The enemy will give everything. We must resist. Tonight will be very difficult, but we will come to sunrise,” the president said. Volodymyr Zhelensky, In a message to the Ukrainians in the early morning. “Many of our cities are under attack; Our boys and girls in Chernivtsi, Sumi, Kharkiv, the southern cities of Donbass pay special attention to Kiev, ”he said. “We can not lose capital.”

At 4 a.m., Ukraine said it had repulsed a “night strike” by Russian troops against one of the Ukrainian military positions on one of Kiev’s main routes. A post posted on social media by the Ukrainian military was accompanied by a picture of a large cloud of smoke in the middle of the city at night identified as Avenida da Vitoria.

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Thirty-five deaths are the number advanced following a fight already underway by the mayor of Kiev at night, and two of the victims will be children. No casualties were reported as the missile struck a residential building this morning and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba posted pictures on social media.

The Ukrainian military says it has destroyed a column of five Russian military vehicles, including an armored vehicle, near the Peresteiska metro station on Victory Avenue, one of Kiev’s main streets. But the Russian siege of the capital continues.

According to local officials, the Russian air force landed at an airport in Vasilkov, 40 kilometers from Kiev. Early morning air warning sirens sounded in the large city of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine near the Russian border. The Ukrainian military has warned of a “violent fight” about 30 kilometers southwest of the capital, where the Russians “tried to drop the Broad Troops”.

UN: “Putin is an aggressor”

Fifty countries, including Portugal, today signed a declaration at the United Nations condemning Vladimir Putin as Ukraine’s “occupier” and pledging to take Russia’s condemnation to the UN General Assembly following Moscow’s veto on the UN resolution.

As one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (P5), Russia has a veto power over votes. It vetoed the Security Council resolution condemning its aggression against Ukraine, was isolated in a vote of 11 votes in favor and three, including China, abstained.

The resolution, vetoed by the Russians, was co-sponsored by the United States and Albania, condemning Russia in “harsh words” and calling for its “aggression against Ukraine” and the “immediate” withdrawal of its troops from the neighboring country.

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A joint statement issued after the Russian veto said, “President Putin has chosen to violate Ukraine’s sovereignty. President Putin has chosen to violate international law. President Putin at the UN. Decided to violate the charter. President Putin chose to drop bombs on Kiev to force families to pack their bags and take refuge in metro stations. President Putin is the occupier here. There is no neutrality ”.

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