Following Sweden, a Russian plane was found flying over Denmark – News

“The Russian ambassador was summoned to the Foreign Ministry this Monday. A new Russian encroachment on Danish airspace. This is completely unacceptable in the current situation and is of particular concern,” Jeppe Kofod wrote on social networking site Twitter.

This last part of the episode was released by security officials on Friday night, when a Russian spy plane entered Danish airspace east of Bournemouth (Danish Baltic island) before entering Swedish airspace. Swedish last Saturday.

“This is a spy plane that has been in our airspace for a very short time. Two Danish F-16s immediately intervened,” Danish Defense spokesman Henrik Mortensen told AFP.

The Russian plane then took off from Danish airspace. Such incidents “rarely happen,” Mortensen added.

Unlike Sweden, the issue is under discussion and Denmark is a member of NATO.

A Russian spy plane was spotted crossing Sweden last Friday as Scandinavia was considering joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

In a statement, the Swedish Defense Ministry revealed that a Russian AN-30 aircraft had “violated Swedish airspace on Friday night” and that authorities had taken a photo with the aircraft.

In early March, four Russian warplanes had already entered Swedish airspace east of the Baltic island of Cotland.

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