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Park Air’s inaugural flight takes place this Thursday in New York.

Park Air is a new airline that operates charter flights for canine travelers and their human companions. Founded by Matt Meeker, it initially offers two routes: between New York and Los Angeles, for 6 thousand dollars (about 5.5 thousand euros) and a transatlantic route, between New York and London, for 8 thousand dollars (about 7.4 thousand euros).

Traveling with animals can be challenging for pets, who are kept in carriers and often cannot accompany their guardian in the cabin, being carried in the hold of the plane.

Initially, the flights operated for the airline had a seating capacity of 14 people, but ParkAir will limit passengers to 10 per flight, providing more space for traveling dogs.

The company allows animals to sit anywhere on the plane, including on their owner’s lap. ‘Champagne’ will also be served, which is actually chicken broth – other food and snacks will be available, as well as waste clean-up services.

The airline says it’s preparing a product with “calming pheromones, music and colors” to reduce stress and discomfort for dogs, though it didn’t detail what the process would look like. Treats with a calming effect, noise-canceling headphones and “calming coats” are also available, which, according to the company, should make animals feel welcome.

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