‘Feeling better,’ Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow starts throwing passes at training camp

Cincinnati – Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Joe Borough The biggest sign of his progress so far since his appendectomy two weeks ago.

He picked up a ball and started throwing it.

While the majority of team members were engaged in special teams drills during training on Monday, Burrow conducted an impromptu light ride using the top of the wide receivers and a tight end. Hayden Hurst.

The passes weren’t too difficult and there weren’t many of them. It’s the first time he’s done any kind of throwing since surgery, said Brian Callahan, the Bengals attack coordinator.

He’s feeling better,” Callahan told ESPN. “So I just asked him if he wanted to do it and he said, ‘Yes.'”

Near the end of practice, Burrow simulated a quick shot, looked at his wide receivers as he advanced and then tossed the ball back to Bengals assistant equipment manager Tyler Rank.

Callahan said the focus has been working on communication during non-crowded situations. After the group worked at the end of the field near the Ohio River, it scattered when the team finished field goal drills.

After the rehearsal, Bengals coach Zack Taylor confirmed he didn’t have a schedule for Burrow’s return.

“I think what you see is what you get,” Taylor said. “He looks good to me. He’s getting better every day. Again, I don’t want to schedule when he gets out of here and starts throwing things and things, but he was encouraging.”

Cincinnati will have another public practice before the season opener Friday against the Arizona Cardinals. What happened on Monday gave some hope that Burrow would throw in some meaningful passes before the end of training camp.

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“He’ll be back to full strength here sooner rather than later, hopefully,” Callahan said.

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