Everything Everywhere Everywhere Directors sign deal with Universal

Daniels Hit big time. A pair of directors behind swiss army man This year, it was a surprise. Everything everywhere at oncea five-year development contract with Universal, the studio noJordan Peele also shares a partnership with him.

Daniel Kwan and Daniel ScheinertThe duo that comprises director Daniels released their first theatrical film, swiss army man in 2016 Through the arty indie A24 distributor. follow up managers, Everything everywhere at onceIt was released in March of this year and proved to be the highest-grossing A24 movie of all time, grossing more than 100 million dollars At the global box office so far. While their accomplishments on modest budgets have already been impressive, Universal will probably offer them a slightly bigger playground for their signature brand of quirky comedy and honest emotion.

Since its launch in 2012, A24 has gained a huge following with its solid films and a reputation for its more outlandish, more outlandish projects than most studios tend to produce. The studio releases films and shows such as, green knightAnd the hereditaryAnd the midsummerAnd the ex machineAnd the FitchAnd the Uncut GemstonesAnd the GoodbyeAnd the trance.

If The Daniels deal is similar to the one that other directors sign when they take exclusive deals, it would give them the opportunity to develop and create new ideas and films under the Universal Studios banner, while also allowing them to produce films for other artists like We Will. The couple has yet to share what their next project might be.

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