European regulator warns of new side effects of AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines

European Pharmaceuticals Agency (EMA) Expert Panel – Vaccine Controller Govit-19 – It is recommended to add a rare inflammation of the spine called transverse myelitis to the list of side effects caused by the astrogenic vaccine.

The European regulator He also advised that a similar warning be placed on the list of adverse reactions caused by the Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine.

Cross myelitis Is acute inflammation of the spinal cord It inhibits nerve impulses and can cause muscle weakness, numbness, tingling or urinary and bowel problems.

EMA experts, after analyzing various data, concluded that there is a causal relationship between the two vaccines and cross-linked myelitis. At least a reasonable possibility. However, they emphasize that the risk-benefit of vaccines remains unchanged.

The European pharmaceutical company has not released how many cases of transverse myelitis have been reported since the vaccine against Kovit-19. Or how often they occur.

This is not the first time AstraZeneca’s vaccine has raised concerns about possible side effects, and its administration has been suspended in several countries following deaths caused by blood clots after vaccination.

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