“Essequibo is ours.” Maduro announces government formation and mobilizes troops near Guyana’s border

Venezuela’s president wants immediate licenses to explore resources in the territory

This Tuesday, the President of Venezuela ordered the creation of a division of the oil company Pdvsa so that, “immediately”, it will begin issuing “operational licenses for the exploration of oil, natural gas and mines” in the 160 territory of Essequibo. A thousand square kilometers where the country conflicts with Guyana.

In statements to the General Assembly of the Federal Council of the Government of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro announced the creation of a military unit destined for Essequibo, noting that the unit would be located in Tumeremo, next to the border of the disputed territory.

Despite the heightened tensions, the Venezuelan leader has not yet announced any kind of military incursion, although he appears to be continuing to take steps in that direction, at least in a threatening tone.

Speaking to those who say the referendum that gave victory to the hypothesis of annexing Essequibo is not binding, Nicolás Maduro also announced the creation of the state of Guyana Essequibo, attributing Venezuelan nationality to all residents of the territory.

“The people made the decision to create the state of Guyana Essequiba and nationalize all the citizens of that territory with the Venezuelan identity, recognizing them as brothers of our motherland. Now yes, let’s restore Venezuela’s rights to Guyana Essequiba, now yes, come on. Justify, now let’s demand a national union with all the strength. ” he said.

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“Venezuela has a voice and the world and Guyana must know that Essequibo is ours. Last Sunday’s victory was a victory for the exercise of national and constitutional sovereignty. This is not a victory for the Venezuelan people against others, it is a united Venezuelan victory. It is the face of the intentions of the Government of Guyana and the provocations of ExxonMobil,” he added. .

At the same event, the President of Venezuela urged the National Assembly to debate and approve the law to create and implement the State of Essequibo.

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