Eight countries agree to boost wind power generation to reduce dependence on Russia – News

According to a signed declaration, the agreement is a “response” to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine through more integrated energy cooperation that supports efforts to “rapidly end Russia’s dependence on fossil fuels and contribute to climate neutrality.” in Copenhagen.

Denmark, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia all agree that the Baltic can produce 93 GW of wind power by 2050.

“We all share great potential in offshore wind energy, but as long as we depend on fossil fuels, we are vulnerable,” Danish Prime Minister Med Frederiksen told a press conference with his counterparts from Poland, Finland and the three countries. Balts.

European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen was also at the meeting, noting that wind power will ultimately be a “huge” contribution to the energy transition, although its potential can only be developed through cooperation.

Van de Leyen said on Monday, during a visit to Slovenia, that the European Commission was preparing “urgent intervention and structural reform” in the electricity market in response to high price hikes.

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