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As the war in Ukraine enters its 71st day, a video recorded by a surveillance drone has now emerged showing the destruction of the Ukrainian city of Bobasna, an example of the impact of the conflict on the eastern regions of Lukansk. And Donetsk.

The 22-minute video was first aired by a pro-Russian telegram channel. It is available on Youtube and is shared by media such as the British newspaper Telegraph And the American Television Network CNN, Identifies Russian forces as a group Wagner, The mercenary organization affiliated with the Kremlin is sometimes referred to as Putin’s “private army.”

Captured pictures, numerous properties in the Ukrainian city center, Lukansk region, Completely destroyed or damaged.

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The Russians did not just destroy Bopasna. They are removing it from the map of the Lukansk region. ” CNN.

It is not clear when the video was shot, but CNN confirms that it is geolocated Confirmed the authenticity of the video.

The recording begins with an artillery attack near a moat. You can see a Ukrainian soldier fleeing and taking refuge in a house, where he is followed by four soldiers. You see what Russian soldiers look like – The Telegraph recognizes that Wagner belongs to the group, citing a pro – Russian blogger who posted the video – enters the trench (from 1.41 minutes of video) and approaches one of the houses. There the Ukrainians entered.

Two grenades are fired from the shelter (from 5.30pm on video), followed by a Russian soldier who responds by firing at least four.

The new program (from 7.40 min) shows below what they are in At least six Ukrainian soldiers were lying on their stomachs on the groundThen he stands up with his head in his hands.

According to DefenderAttacks and bombings have intensified in the Lukansk separatist area, one of the areas most affected by the Bopasna conflict and heavy fighting in recent days.

This Wednesday, regional mayor Serhi Haida warned Arranging evacuations is “impossible”. On April 30, the head of the local military-civilian administration revealed in a telegram that Russian troops had hit an evacuation bus.

The city of Ukraine has been under constant bombardment since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

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