Dozens of people are driving in Berlin. At least one person is dead

The crash happened in the Charlottenburg area near the site of the 2016 Christmas market attack.

One driver drove dozens of people In Charlottenburg, Berlin. At least one person was killed and at least 12 were injured, a Berlin police spokesman confirmed to German media. The number of injured could rise further, officials said.

Speaking to reporters, Berlin Police Spokesman Thilo Cablitz acknowledged that the number of injured was high, adding that many of the injured were in critical condition. According to firefighters, the condition of 3 of the injured is critical and the condition of five is critical.

Police also confirmed that the 29-year-old driver, who has dual German and Armenian citizenship, occupied the sidewalk between Rankestrasse and Tauentzienstrasse, which had dozens of people. The site is near Breitscheidplatz, where in 2016 terrorist Anis Amri drove his truck over a crowd at a Christmas market.

After moving, the car was dropped off at a store window on MarburgerStrasse. According to a Berlin police spokesman, the suspect got out of the car and was stopped by others who were there until a police officer at the scene stopped him.

Witnesses speak at high speed

Several witnesses who heard the Berliner Morgenpost newspaper say the driver was traveling at high speeds of 150 km / h on the Tauentzienstrasse. However, this information has not been confirmed by official sources.

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The same newspaper reported that there was a distance of two hundred meters between the first place where the vehicle struck and the window of the immovable shop. There were no injuries inside the store, according to police.

Police plan to hold a press conference this afternoon.

The site has more than 130 emergency services and police components, some of which are heavily armed. An emergency service helicopter landed at the scene to evacuate the injured.

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